State governor says Trump `incapable’

By AAP Newswire

Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington state, has slammed President Donald Trump's threat to deploy the United States military to American cities to quell violent protests over police killings of black people.

In an emailed statement on Monday night in response to the president's comments, the Democrat said Trump "has repeatedly proven he is incapable of governing and shown nothing but false bravado throughout the chaos that has accompanied his time in office."

"He cowers at the feet of authoritarians around the world," Inslee said.

"Now he uses the most supreme power of the presidency in a desperate attempt to hide his timidity and vapidity. I pray no soldier and no civilian is injured or killed by this reckless fit."

The Seattle area has seen several days of violence, including vandalism in the city's downtown core following the death in police custody of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, Oregon Governor Kate Brown said she would not send National Guard troops to actively help quell violent protests in Portland over the killing of Floyd because they aren't needed and that "is exactly what President Trump wants."

Brown said she would send 100 state police from around Oregon to assist the city, and activate 50 Guard troops to work in support and behind the scenes.

Earlier on Monday, Trump slammed many governors as "weak" and demanded tougher crackdowns on burning and stealing at some demonstrations.

Brown said having National Guard soldiers on the streets was the wrong way to go.

"You don't defuse violence by putting soldiers on the streets," the Democrat said. "Trump wants governors to deploy the national guard to intimidate the public."