Global bear hunt arrives in Lockington

By Anna McGuinness

WE'RE going on a bear hunt.

Teddy bears have been popping up in windows in various cities as a part of a socially distanced bear hunt to bring a smile to children's faces during the coronavirus lockdowns.

A Lockington woman saw the idea online and thought it was a perfect activity for a small town to take part in.

“It's something people can do with their kids while we are all social distancing,” she said.

“All anyone has to do to get involved is to put a bear out somewhere that's visible from the street, so that kids can walk or drive around with their parents and find them.

“It can be an actual teddy bear or even just a picture of a bear and it doesn't have to just be at your house either, it can be at the park or the shops.

“Hopefully lots of people get involved and there are bears everywhere for kids to find,” she said.

With the school holidays brought forward in Victoria, some parents may be needing some fresh ideas to keep their kids occupied.

Victorians are being told to stay home as much as possible but are currently allowed to exercise outdoors as long as they maintain social distancing, keep up hygiene practices and do not gather in groups.

For now, it is a fun way to get some fresh air and distract the kids from the situation unfolding around us.