Cattle sales on the rise

By Southern Riverina News

Numbers increased again at Finley for the fortnightly cattle sale last week.

The usual field of buyers were present.

There was a larger showing of finished grown steers and bullocks. Competition was stronger across all grades of stock.

The trade cattle were 10c to 15c/kg dearer.

Local restockers and feedlotters purchased some of the plainer heavy lines.

The heavy cattle also lifted in price compared to a fortnight ago.

There was an excellent line up of Euro cross vealers that made to 450c/kg.

The bulk of the vealers ranged from 380 to 440c/kg. It was a fair to good quality offering of yearling steers and heifers, with the heifers achieving the greater price lifts than there male counterparts.

The medium and heavy yearling steers ranged from 386 to 440c/kg. The heifer portion made from 338c to 437c/kg.

There was a better penning of grown steers this sale and price lifted by 10c to 20c/kg on a fortnight ago.

The medium weighted grown steers made from 375c to 427c/kg, while the 500 to 600kg steers made between 375c to 410c/kg. Fresian bullocks reached 298c/kg.

Cow numbers were limited but the well covered heavy beef cow prices remained fully firm.

Heavy beef cows made from 276c to 304c/kg, while heavy Fresian cows made to 268c/kg.