Hardy brothers pass the responsibilities

By Daniel Hughes

The presidency of the Coleambally Lions Club has passed from one Hardy to another, with Chris succeeding his brother Perry at the recent changeover meeting.

Chris and his wife Sue joined the local club together five years ago, but the Hardy family is well known in the community already.

Three generations of the family have farmed local paddocks since they settled in the area in 1969.

Chris considers the chance to steer Lions Club projects for the next 12 months as “an honour”.

His personal goal is to influence the wider community to become involved by educating the community on the good work Lions do.

“The sense of community commitment appealed to my wife and I when we first joined,” he said.

“We are Coly through and through and feel it is important to support local groups where possible.

“We do incredible work here at Lions and have a strong sense of commitment to the community.

“My goal this year is to instill the same sense of community spirit and encourage everyone to have the same sense of pride that we do.”

There are a number of projects Coleambally Lions run in the community, the largest and most significant is in conjunction with the demo farm, which is considered the "greatest revenue raiser by far".

Chris added there are other ways the general public can support the group’s aims too.

“The farm is owned by the community and run by the community, for the community,” he said.

“It gives local community members the chance to be directly involved, they are able to offer goods and services helping throughout the cropping process.

“In recent years we have had profitable yields with our cotton and serial block, this has allowed us to support various projects throughout town.

“Since the demo farm started, it has been able to provide somewhere in the order of $2 million back to the community.

“Lions also run a roadside clean-up twice a year between Coleambally and Darlington Point, Australia Day awards BBQ, Gala Night, Youth Of The Year and assistance with many other community based functions which anyone is welcome to join.

“We also do a number of barbecue events throughout the year to support local groups.

“Coleambally Lions have been able to fund local projects up to a total $32,000 in the last financial year.

“Our Lions members are passionate about what they do, and we want the community to see that, and join in.”

To join in on the Coleambally Lions Club, phone Chris on 0428 295 288.