Quilts delivered to Corryong

By Southern Riverina News

John and Anne Jones took a little trip up into the high country on Sunday, June 20 to take the quilts Tocumwal Girls Shed had made to fire victims in Corryong.

There were 59 quilts handed over to Government Fire Relief Team coordinator Keryn Sheather on Monday, June 21.

Keryn was delighted to get so many beautiful comfort items for her area as she said with COVID-19 causing lockdown, the fire affected people were largely being forgotten about and their healing from the disaster was affected and many were doing it tough.

Kerryn said the quilts will bring joy to many families.

Tocumwal Girls Shed joined with Yarrawonga and Cobram Quilters made more than 130 quilts that were delivere to the area of bushfire ravaged northern Victoria and southern NSW.

These three quilting groups are affiliated with Oz Comfort Quilts, headed by Janet MacFadyen, which has distributed quilts in the hundreds to the victims of January’s bushfires.


First Responders Day was on 27th June but we can be thankful to them every day of the year in Tocumwal.

Our growing town is lucky to have a trained team arrive on the scene to render first aid while we wait for an ambulance to come from much further away.

Over the years that time saved in rendering assistance has saved lives, as in some situations seconds count.

So it is that as our community grows, it, needs a full time ambulance on site.

Our population of seniors and the crowds of visitors at holiday times means that the wait for an ambulance can be long and harrowing for family friends and the patient.

We need an ambulance station in Tocumwal which can then assist with the load in the greater shire area, as well as Tocumwal.

In the meantime, thanks first responders.


The new singing group, Bushland Bravados meets tonight from 7pm to 9pm.

If you would like to join a singing group for pleasure and performance, then you might like to join the Bushland Bravados.

Phone Anne Jones on either 0407 686 620 or 03 5874 3424 for the venue and come out tonight and sing.


While the COVID restrictions have been ongoing, the Tocumwal RSL has taken advantage of the situation to carry out renovations of the club rooms.

The big-ticket item has been the replacement of the ceiling and associated electrical work.

Thank you to the RSL members who have been diligently assisting with the covering of memorabilia, moving furniture and cleaning.

With the easing of restrictions Tocumwal RSL will again be opening from 10am to 2pm this Sunday.

The committee advises also that a general meeting will be held at the rooms at 1pm on Monday, July.

If you have any inquiries phone secretary John Arthur on 0417 734 767.


One thing the Coronavirus did not prevent for Tocumwal Public School this year was the annual school photos.

The children were all looking neat and tidy in their uniforms when the photographer came to visit.

A few other changes have had to be made to school life though, like ordering canteen lunches online as no cash can be handled by the volunteers in the canteen.

Rotary Club of Tocumwal held a successful End of Financial Year Sale at its old premises in Murray Street on Saturday, June 27.

As the premises it had been using has been sold Rotary will be moving to the shed behind Hunters Haven.

This will mean three op-shops are on the one block, surely a record for such things.

The big transition will occur this week.


Also on Saturday the Rotary Club gave Hilltop accommodation cheque for $5000 and several other attendees gave personal donations to the Albury Cancer Centre fundraiser.

Toc Rotary have given a total of $15,000 to this cause

To finish the morning there was a barbecue to seek new members for the Rotary Club, which like all service clubs is finding it hard to attract younger members.

Rotary members spoke with a few people who showed an interest in joining the club.


Hunters Haven Op Shop is open, but with restricted hours and number of customers in the shop.

With a bit of luck we will be seeing the Community Op Shop opening after the school holidays.

Both groups ask that you please donate only clean saleable items of clothing and home wares.

Local Op shops have been overwhelmed by people dumping dirty unsaleable goods at their doors.

If you would not give an item to a friend to wear then don’t donate it.

If it is cotton put it in your recycling bin or wool and cotton cloth can be cut up and put in your compost bin, in time they will become soil and nurture your plants.

Other dirty unwearables can go in your own rubbish bin.


The Biggest Morning Tea was unable to be held by the combined Tocumwal Op-shops this year due to the COVID-19.

One of Tocumwal’s diligent gardeners and community stalwart Julie Stava instead held a fundraising event selling her home propagated plants.

Julie raised more than $680 and Hunters Haven Op Shop has added to this total to make a donation of $1500 to the Cancer Council in lieu of the Biggest Morning Tea.


Sunday morning saw a good turnout of people to ready the Old Railway Store for its new role as the Tocumwal Information Centre.

With the imminent development of the present site, the ‘Info’ had nowhere to go, until the Chamber of Commerce found the beautiful old premises.

With so many willing hands on board the initial clean up was done in record time but there is still enough other work to be done in a follow-up working bee this Sunday, July 5 starting at 9am.

The sun should be shining by 9am, like it was this week, making it pleasant to be out doing a spot of community service.

The Old Railway Store is a prime site for the ‘Info’ with plenty of area for parking of visitors caravans and room to turn around.

Inside there is even more room for display of local artifacts snd the building has its own toilets.

Remember to bring along a cleaning implement or two on Sunday and lend a hand.

If you cant help physically you might like to make a financial donation to the cause, as happy visitors to our town, spend money here and that helps us all.

Successful local business depends on tourism and that makes local jobs.

It is hoped to get the site up and running as soon as possible to cater to our visitors and travellers.


There has been a recent upswing in the number of telephone and internet scamming reports in the local area.

A very slick talking foreign gent, with a very convincing tale of being from Telstra NBN has been plaguing locals and in particular older females.

He says that the person’s account has been hacked and gives a couple of interstate addresses, which he says are using your IP address and any transactions made by them will be paid for by the account holder, that is you.

This is where you should drop the phone as this is a very nasty scam call, Telstra and NBN do not ring you directly.

Even if this person rings you back and tries to convince you that your computer has been hacked you must put the phone down and not listen, because he is very clever at his job which is to fleece you of your life savings.

These people are professional thieves and very clever but if you are forewarned you are forearmed.

If you doubt this story ring the local computer shop and have a chat and you will find out it is too common.