Finley’s McCartney family celebrates first Mother’s Day

By Daniel Hughes

For the first time ever, Finley's Pip McCarney was spoiled for Mother's Day on Sunday.

Mrs McCarney celebrated her special day at home with her husband Tom and 10 week-old son Max.

The first time mother celebrated with a sleep-in and breakfast in bed, saying that Max gave her the best present possible, a good day of sleep.

“It was a really nice day, I got some tennis gear because we've been playing while in isolation,” Mrs McCarney said.

“I even got to nap on the couch which is a rarity with a newborn but Max was really well behaved on Sunday.

“It was the best Mother's Day I could have ever hoped for.”

The couple have lived in Finley for five years, and have been fully engulfed into the community.

“We moved to Finley as my husband Tom was fortunate enough to secure a full time teaching position at Finley High School,” Mrs McCarney said.

“I work at Lakeside Medical Centre and am also a retained fire fighter in town.

“We have been extremely lucky to move to such a lovely town with a great community.”

The first time parents have had their difficulties in the last two months but have learned a new term of endearment.

Even though Max was too young to shower his mum with gifts, Mrs McCarney said how happy she was for her wish will come true.

“I won’t lie there has been many sleepless nights but all is forgiven when I get a cheeky little smile from Max,” she said.

“Being a mother really is amazing it’s that unconditional love you have for that little one within moments of meeting them, a love you never knew existed until you become a parent.

“I was very excited to celebrate my first Mother’s Day. I’m so proud to be a mum, becoming a parent has been better than I ever imagined.”

Mrs McCarney said it's important to recognise the hard work of mothers from all walks of life.

“No matter if you’re a working mum or a stay at home you deserve to be recognised for putting your child first from the day it’s born,” she said.

“It’s also a blessing to be a mum as not everyone is that lucky so if you can be a mum it should be celebrated.”