Challenging time for Nurses on Mother’s Day

By Daniel Hughes

Mother's Day is just days away, but the reality is that not all mothers will be able to spend the whole day with their family.

That is the case for Finley Regional Care care staff member Megan Mason, who will wake up on Sunday and head to work.

She will still get some quality time with her family, just later in the day.

While she does expect to be spoiled by her six children and husband, Mrs Mason believes spending time with them is the greatest gift she can receive.

“I am working on Sunday but we will have a baked dinner" she said.

“I usually get spoilt, I am extremely grateful for what I get from my supportive husband and children.”

“I am just grateful to have them there to be able to spend time with them all.”

“Due to the pandemic I know a lot of mothers are unable to see or spend time with their loved ones. The time I get to spend with my family is my favourite gift of all.”

Mrs Mason said one of the advantages of Mother's Day is the calm it brings to her household.

“It is the one day my kids dont try and kill each other" Mrs Mason laughed.

“Its just the one day my family recognise the hard work I do and make me feel grateful.

“I am grateful of my children every single day. My children and husband have been wonderful during the pandemic, they have been encouraging, supportive and have respected my wishes to be completely isolated due to the fact I work in a aged care facility.

“So it will be a beautiful day to celebrate Mothers Day with my children, even if my family are forced to stay home this year.”

As both a mother and an aged care worker, Mrs Mason said she can not place enough emphasis on the safety of hygiene during these unprecedented times.

“It can be quite stressful and challenging when we have such high restrictions in our workplace, but it is all for good reasons. We have been successful in keeping our residents safe.”

“Its been a privilege being in the workforce that I am in.”

“In my role as a mother I have been stricter, as your instincts kick in knowing how dangerous the outside world is and possibly can be. It has certainly made me even more hygienically aware.”