Finley Bakery’s Chicken Twisties pie proves popular

By Daniel Hughes

A chicken Twisties pie has been created by the Finley Bakery after Echuca radio announcer Jordan Leovic made the wild suggestion last week.

After seeing the advertisement for suggestions in the Southern Riverina News, Mr Leovic called bakery owner Andrew Richardson to make the suggestion of making a filling using chicken Twisties.

Working with his chefs in the kitchen, and with Mr Leovic about what the base and flavours would be, a surprisingly popular pie was created.

“I initially thought I was being led on when I heard Jordan was a radio announcer,” Mr Richardson said.

“Turns out he was quite serious so we gave it a go; we were willing to give anything a go.

“We asked him what he thought should go in it and suggested a bit of a garlic twist would work well.

“We experimented a fair bit, but it cut quite nicely in the end.”

The new creation hit the pie warmer last week, and the variety has consistently been sold out since.

Mr Richardson said as long as the pie stays popular, it will stay on the shelf.

“So far we've made a few every morning and they sell out every day without fail.

“It was a bit of fun for our team to have a bit of experimentation. We are thinking of entering it in the next pie competition we are involved in.”

Mr Leovic was happily surprised when his idea for flavours was so well received by the bakery, and was overwhelmed by the final product.

“For many years now I've struggled with my love for chicken Twisties not getting the recognition it deserves,” Mr Leovic said.

“I had an inherent feeling the bakery would shine a light on my love, and it tastes amazing.

“It's such a hard thing to pull off and they did such a good job with it.”

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