Still worth celebrating

By Southern Riverina News

While 2020 is throwing up its challenges, in many ways it is special for Finley’s Vicki Smith and Helen Armstrong.

For both it represents 15 years since they started their respective careers in Family Day Care under the guidance of Intereach.

“I love nothing more than caring and working with children,” Vicki said.

Helen also saw the benefit of providing the service because she liked the idea of working from home. And having looked after children for many years “it was a job I knew I would love”.

May 4 to 11 is National Family Day Care Week, and although there has been forced postponement of activities due to the Coronavirus pandemic, it is still an appropriate time to celebrate the contribution Family Day Care makes to our community.

“I started Family Day Care as my chosen profession in 2005 and have enjoyed every minute of being an educator and friend to the children,” Vicki said.

“I take pride in offering a caring, happy and safe environment with opportunities for the children to develop through education and play.

“I continue to maintain friendships with both the children and their families, which have been developed over the past 15 years. I am blessed to have these lifelong friendships and relationships.”

Helen described Intereach as “a fabulous organisation”, saying “they are so supportive of myself and the families who have children under my care".

“It gives me great satisfaction when children I used to care for - who are now teenagers or adults - come up to me today and say ‘hi’,” she said.

National Family Day Care Week is about recognising and promoting the important role Family Day Care educators and services play in the development and wellbeing of more than 112,000 children across Australia.

It is integral in raising the image and profile of Family Day Care and highlighting the many unique benefits it provides as a high quality, flexible early childhood education and care option for Australian families.

In the Finley district, Family Day Care services are provided through Intereach and during the challenges of COVID-19 its educators have been working tirelessly to ensure the needs of families and children are being met.

Educators have continued not only to provide high quality education and care to children of essential workers but have ensured that all enrolled children have had the opportunity to continue to learn through play at home with their families during self-isolation.

Educators have also been engaging in innovative ways to create opportunities for connection and learning through providing families with home learning packs, recorded stories and song, opportunities to participate in FaceTime and Zoom to ensure connections are maintained between all children that would normally attend, and the children and educator.

For more information about Intereach Family Day Care, phone 1300 488 226 or visit