Time to socialise

By Daniel Hughes

Children around the Southern Riverina were quick to take advantage of the relaxed social restrictions which started last Friday.

Slepovers were back on the agenda after relaxed rules in NSW allowed visitation to other households.

The social activity is, however, still restricted to only two adults and their dependent children at any one time.

Tocumwal's Taylor Findlay and Finley's Sophie Gregson rejoiced at the news, and held thier first sleepover since the last school term at the weekend.

Taylor's mother Kelly Findlay had her doubts about the idea at first, but soon came around.

“I was a little hesitant in the sleepover as we had been so long in lockdown, I hadn’t left the house for many weeks, but I was relieved to hear the news,” she said.

“The girls were very excited as they have been friends since they were born and normally see each other a lot. They were communicating over the phone and through an app on the iPad where they played games together, but it just wasn’t the same (as seeing each other in person).

“When they found out they could see each other they were so excited. They played Monopoly and dressed their teddies up in pyjamas ready for a night of movies and games.

“After dinner they had a big bowl of ice cream covered in lollies then there was a lot of chatting at sleep time before they fell asleep.”

The new visitation rules extends existing reasons for not isolating at home. Access to essential services and medical care are other legitimate reasons that will be accepted.

Next week, the reasons will further extend to attending school on select days.