CanAssist Finley keep contributing

By Daniel Hughes

CanAssist Finley raised $32,200 in 2019, which is being used to support members of the community with cancer.

The charity organisation celebrated two years since formation last month, and has committed to maintaining Tuesday Bongo at the Finley Bowling Club in 2020.

CanAssist member Suellyn Staff said other fundraising events are also being planned for this year to support even more people.

“Currently we're looking after 12 people in the community,” she said.

“The money we raise is essential to continuing to pay for medical bills, specialists and ongoing transport costs.

“We don't have any specialists in our area so there is always travel costs for patients to get to Albury or Shepparton, which we cover for them.

“Many of these people are just on the pension and rely on this help.”

As a founding member of the local group, Suellyn said she had been "blown away" with the overall support so far.

“This town and the generosity here is just magic,” she said.

“We receive an overwhelming amount of support everywhere we go, on top of the Bingo we do raffles and community events throughout the year, the next will be selling raffle tickets at the Finley Tractor Pull later this month.

“It's important for people to know that our organisation takes no administration costs what so ever, so everything that is raised, goes back into the community.”

For more information about CanAssist Finley, email