School appoints familiar face to principal role

By Daniel Hughes

Helene Cahill is stepping into the role of principal at Berrigan St Columba's Primary School and is looking to focus her experience to help individualise the students’ learning.

Mrs Cahill has had a long and thorough career in the education sector over the last 30 years with work in Melbourne, Finley, Berrigan and Canada.

She has held multiple positions in this time including deputy principal, multiple educator positions and now as the principal of St Columba's.

Having worked the last three years in the area as an intensive mathematics educator across three different local schools, including St Columba's, her transition into the role has been a warm welcome for the school.

“The opportunity presented itself with the right timing, as my three year contract came to an end,” she said.

“With previous principal Damien Taylor heading to Tasmania, and since I already worked at the school twice a week, I was familiar with the students and the teaching staff and felt it was the right move to step into this role.

“It has been an easy transition for the students as they are already familiar with me, we have a great staff base and I'm looking forward to working with everyone this year.”

Mrs Cahill is hoping to use her knowledge in teaching and the resources she has to help tailor learning pathways that will allow each student to get the best result in 2020.

“We are only a small school with a small student base, however, we are well resourced and have great educators,” she said.

“We're looking at using this to our advantage and further strengthening our individualised learning for all the students.”