Luck of the Irish comes to Aus

By Daniel Hughes

The Murrumbidgee Council have welcomed William Hanna, 31, as its newest Australian citizenship after an official ceremony atcouncil chambers on September 26.

After the ceremonial testament and official proceedings were delivered by Murrumbidgee Mayor Ruth McRae and the Australian pledge was said by Mr Hanna, a sigh of relief and happiness filled Australia’s newest citizen.

‘‘I’m very excited, it took a while to get but I’m glad we got it,’’ Mr Hanna said.

‘‘The process was quite long, it was very long, it was definitely worth it, I’m happy I’ve got it now.’’

After moving from Ireland eight and a half years ago and following work opportunities that brought him to Jerilderie just half a year in, Mr Hanna has been an integral part of the community for eight years now.

Earlier this year his attachment to Jerilderie was cemented even further when he married his wife Jackie and plans to stay apart of the community for a long time to come.

‘‘Work brought me to the region, then I settled down here and have just enjoyed it,’’ he said.

‘‘It’s been good work for Jackie and I, after I got sponsored I thought why not become a citizen.

‘‘Jackie and I met over here in Jerilderie, we got married five months ago in Australia.‘‘The last year has been big, we’ve finished building the house, got married and now this.’’

Present in the meeting were Murrumbidgee Council general manager John Scarce, Murrumbidgee Mayor Ruth McRae, other council members and Mr Hanna’s friends, family and his work colleagues and two bosses who were integral in the citizenship process.

‘‘It’s great having my friends come, my two bosses are here, they were the ones that sponsored me and are one of the main reasons I’m still here,’’ he said.

‘‘There are good people in Jerilderie, everybody looks out for each other.

‘‘I work for Rorato Nominees for Billabong Produce, a farm outside of Jerilderie, there’s not much happening at the minute because of the drought but we’re normally pretty busy producing cotton, tomatoes and corn.’’

Mrs McRae said it was a great pleasure to warmly welcome our newest citizens to the Murrumbidgee area.

‘‘It’s a great honour that all of these people have chosen our part of the world to live in,’’ Cr McRae said.

‘‘We have so much to offer our residents with our work opportunities, lifestyle and welcoming communities, just to name a few of the benefits.

‘‘I wish all of our new citizens every success in the future and hope you enjoy your new life with us in the Murrumbidgee area.’’