New chef at the CC

By Daniel Hughes

The Finley Country Club is welcoming a new head chef to its kitchen.

After a promising last few months as the mentor in the kitchen, Damian Taylor, 52, was offered a full-time position.

Club owner Rick Shaw was thrilled Damian could accept the role as his head chef and knows the future of his kitchen is in good hands.

‘‘I’m really excited Damian’s decided to work with us full-time,’’ Mr Shaw said.

‘‘We can see from the special boards that he brings such a wide variety to the customers.

‘‘I think it’ll really surprise everyone every time they come in with how much there is in his repertoire.’’

Mr Taylor brings a range of experiences and has a unique take on the industry.

Not only has Mr Taylor been a chef by trade for the last 22 years, working for multiple hotels and fine dining restaurants, but he is also a farmer.

This is something he is hoping to bring to the table for all his customers.

‘‘I believe what I do is very unique, being on both ends of the food chain really helps me,’’ he said.

‘‘My cooking is very old school; I don’t use any packaged food and make everything fresh and authentic.’’

Mr Taylor is no stranger to the Finley community, moving here more than two years ago to run his stock and feed business for local farmers.

For the past six months he has been working at the Country Club as a mentor for the kitchen staff and just three weeks ago was offered the full-time position.

For the specials from chef Taylor, see their Facebook.