Southern Riverina News

Can’t take that to the bank

By Daniel Hughes

Finley businesses and community members are seeing another hit to the strength of the commercial and economic community as Finley Bendigo Bank has been announced for closure.

Community members have reacted with frustration and anger at the prospect of having to travel large distances just to go to the bank, including Finley local and Bendigo Bank customer Kellie Boyd.

‘‘It’s a real nuisance that it will be closing down,’’ she said.

‘‘We don’t even have a bank teller that we can go to in a wall.

‘‘It now means that we have to make a 45 minute trip to do our banking.’’

The announcement has come from Bendigo Bank management in Sydney with the following statement from an unnamed spokesperson:

‘‘The Bendigo Bank Agency located in Finley has advised the bank that it has made a commercial decision to discontinue running the agency.

‘‘We would like to thank the staff at Finley for their service and support and wish them every success in the future.’’

Although the agency in Finley isn’t a major bank location, it still gave many locals access to a much needed service and contributed back to the community.

‘‘It’s such a shame, particularly in this country town because a lot of people are with Bendigo Bank,” Mrs Boyd said.

‘‘They have given back to our community so we have supported them.’’