Prank the Principal

By Daniel Hughes

Finley High School Jeff Ward walked into his office last week and noticed something was slightly off. It had been covered with aluminium foil.
He discovered he had been the subject of a Year 12 prank on their ‘muck up day’.
“When I pulled up that morning I noticed something was shimmering through my window but couldn’t tell exactly what it was,” Mr Ward said.
“It was a really extensive job they’d done, covering every section of my office and even my en-suite.”
Mr Ward is aware of the pranks that happen at this time of year, having had many years of teaching at various schools across NSW.
However, this was his first year as Finley principal and he was able to take the pranks in a light heartened way.
“The students are just enjoying the last moments of school,” he said.
“As long as it puts no-one in danger it’s hard to be too harsh on them.”
The Year 12 cohort didn’t stop at Mr Ward’s office; they also wrapped a teacher’s car in Christmas paper and used office cards to pull random students out of class.