Tocumwal couple wins $600k in lotto

By Daniel Hughes

A mystery Tocumwal couple are nearly $600,000 richer after winning a NSW Lotteries draw on Saturday night.

The ticket was purchased at the Tocumwal Newsagency, but as it was unregistered the winner was not known until Monday.

The winning couple have asked to remain anonymous, however the Southern Riverina News can reveal they are retirees.

The local winning ticket holder confirmed his win with a NSW Lotteries official on Monday afternoon, and explained what prompted him to check his ticket.

“My wife put that ticket on! It’s bloody terrific,” he said.

“I’ve been playing Saturday Lotto for about 50 years and I can’t believe we’ve finally won!

“My next door neighbour came over this morning (Monday) and told me someone in the region had won division one.

“Then we checked the ticket and sure enough it was us!

“My wife cried. It’s crazy. I’m still shaking like a leaf!”

When asked how he planned to enjoy his life-changing windfall, the Tocumwal man said he leaves the hard decisions up to his wife.

“You better ask my wife what she wants to do with it, no good asking me,” he laughed.

“We will probably do some renovations around the home.

“But first, we will be having a nice cold beer to calm down and celebrate!”

Tocumwal Newsagency owner Ross Clark said he was delighted when a local person came forward on Monday revealing he was one of only seven division one Lotto winners nationwide.

He said the man’s wife had purchased an unregistered ticket for the Saturday September 21 draw, but initially he did not know if it was a local or someone passing through town.

“We found out Sunday morning that our store had one of the big winning Lotto tickets but were told it was an unregistered ticket,” Mr Clark said.

“As opposed to our registered ticket holders, all the details of the winner were a complete mystery to us. Unregistered tickets can get lost and destroyed so we might never have known, that’s the worst thing.

“It’s great for our business but even better for the winner to be a local. The last time we had a division one winner was in 2014 so having two within the last five years is a boost to our business, especially with everything that’s been going on; it’s really given everyone a lift.”

The exact winning amount was $594,970.80.