Students go digital to find future career

By Alex Gretgrix

WHILE large gatherings still aren't permitted during the coronavirus pandemic, this hasn't stopped the Beacon Foundation from helping their students with their futures.

On a normal year, students from five schools around the twin towns would have gathered in May, accompanied by stallholders who were ready to give the youngsters a look into the world of their industry.

But this year, the event didn't go ahead.

“We were disappointed we couldn't hold the expo this year, but the safety of our community was most important,” Beacon Foundation co-ordinator Cheryl Sweeney.

“As soon as we knew we weren't able to hold the event, we started brainstorming new ways to help the students.”

The team decided the best solution was to go digital and create a series of videos students would be able to look through.

“We've contacted all the stallholders who confirmed they would have been at the expo and have asked them to take part in a day of filming videos about their industry,” Ms Sweeney said.

The videos will include an interview and action shots to show off just how enticing the business can be.

After being compiled by a professional media team, the videos would be made available on school portals for each student to view.

While it's not the same as the usual expo, Ms Sweeney said it could be the next best thing.

“These expos have helped so many students in the past, even if they find out what they don't want to do,” she said.

“The best way for them to find out about different career paths is for them to talk to and learn from the people who know exactly what that industry is like.”

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