Matt’s a local legend

By Olivia Duffey

Deniliquin’s Matt Crothers has been recognised by LG Australia for his efforts in ensuring families have access to computers for educational purposes.

Mr Crothers was nominated for the LG Local Legends by friends and family, and won last week’s weekly prize.

He will receive an LG products prize package.

The initiative will celebrate people who go the extra mile to help out ‘‘when the going gets tough’’ each week until October 28.

Mr Crothers has been recognised for the role he has played in ensuring district children have access to technology.

He started sourcing and donating computers when the Coronavirus pandemic forced schools to send children away to learn from home.

To date, he has donated 36 computers, given parts to children ‘‘keen to learn’’ and made plenty of repairs.

‘‘When lockdown happened and everything went online in terms of education, I felt blessed to have enough IT resources for each of my three children to use,’’ he said.

‘‘But it made me think about how challenging that must be for parents without those resources.

‘‘I knew I had some spare parts and equipment and started fixing and building old computers, and then when I put it on Facebook (seeking donations to supply more children) it just sort of blew up. I received a lot of donations to help out these children.’’

Now most children are back at school for face-to-face learning Mr Crothers said there is less of a demand for the computers, but he continues to donate and fix them for any families who have requested his help.

Mr Crothers said he has been overwhelmed by the support for the project, and the recognition it has generated.

‘‘I was taken aback (by the LG win). I was not expecting to be nominated or to win,’’ he said.

‘‘I have had so much recognition already, including a Parliament Community Recognition Statement, through Facebook and now this.

‘‘But I am not doing this for recognition.

‘‘I am only trying to help children and families get access to computers and IT equipment needed to help them continue studying, especially during that lockdown period.’’

If you need a computer, or know someone who does, contact Mr Crothers via Facebook.