A mural double for the bowling club

By Daniel Hughes

Mural painter Damian Mitchell has been busy in the last week, finishing six murals in Finley including two large walls at the bowling club.

After receiving feedback about the wall facing the Riverina Hwy, Finley Bowling Club manager Fred Braybon and the club committee decided a mural would be the best way to cover it.

“When the club was originally built there wasn't much thought given to what it would look like from the road,” Mr Braybon said.

“We were told the wall looked a bit like a toilet block so around three years ago we started searching for a mural artist and finally found one.

“Since the wall was finished on Wednesday, we've received good feedback.”.”

Mr Mitchell started many Finley projects earlier this year and returned on May 17 to complete murals at the bowling club, Boomerang Motors, Tuppal Hotel, Finley Quality Meats and other locations.

Working 16-hour days and with the help of another mural artist known as Heesco, the bowling club walls highlight what the club stands for.

“We are about bowling, beer and family so the bowling themed wall had to have the club colours and a young family supporting a bowler,” Mr Braybon said.

“The other wall features draft horses delivering barrels of beer the way they used to when we first opened in 1948.”

Mr Braybon asked the mural artist not to paint any club members, instead, he painted a familiar face.

“They wanted someone young on the wall and asked if I could paint myself,” Mr Mitchell said.

Mr Mitchell has also left Finley residents and visitors with a task to spot a hidden word.

“In every mural you will be able to find my wife's name Jess or Jess143,” he said.

“The 143 is code for the letters in each work of ‘I love you’. It is a little bit of fun for those who look at the murals.”

Mr Mitchell is heading back soon to his home in New York and plans to be back in February next year to start on new projects. He eventually wants to settle with his wife in Australia.