HSC exams confirmed

By Daniel Hughes

The start of HSC exams in NSW has been delayed by five days this year as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Written exams will now start with English on October 20, with the last to be completed by November 30 and results issued by December 18.

Local students say while it is a relief to finally have a set time frame to work toward, there is still some concern they will not catch up after a two month interruption to normal classes.

Finley High School Captain Niamh Mason said there is a lot of work was still to be done to be ready for exams.

“It's good to know what we have to do and when we have it due,” Niamh said.

“It definitely helps knowing when our exams are so we can make our own individualised study timetables and work towards that.

“I'll have to work toward being ready, but I'm not too sure if I'll be able to.”

Fellow Captain Ben Neessen said while not a lot of extra time, the slight delay to exams and due dates will be a help.

“I have my metal work due this year too; I'm making a fire pit.

“Our due dates for major works have been moved back which relieves a bit of the stress, but I have a lot of work still to do.

“I got pretty lucky with my exams though, they're spread out which means I can schedule a lot more study between them.”

Many local students have been learning from home since mid-March. Schools did remain open during Coronavirus lockdown for those unable to do so.

All NSW students returned to the classroom full time on Monday, after two weeks on one-day classroom learning on a rostered basis.

NSW Education Standards Authority chief executive officer Paul Martin anticipates exams will be held in a similar manner to previous years, but did say it would depend on Coronavirus restrictions in place at the time.

‘‘This timetable starts five days later giving students some extra time at school after the autumn holiday period while keeping to the original timeframe for releasing results,” he siad.

‘‘I want to reassure parents and students that the exams will be conducted in line with the expert health advice at the time of the exams, which are still five months away.’’

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